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The above pictures were taken in Gotland in the summer of 2010. I and my husband, Johan Arvelius had been in a cycling holiday in Gotland for a week (24-29/6, 2010).

There are several unique alphabets existing in Swedish language and I'd like to use those alphabets in English texts. The corresponding descriptions in English are: å=aa, ä=ae, ö=oe.

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  1. Barnen, 2007/v3 (bara på svenska)
  2. Barnen, 2007/v4 (bara på svenska)
  3. Barnen, 2007/v5-6 (bara på svenska)
  4. Barnen, 2007/v7 (bara på svenska)
  5. Barnen, 2007/v8 (bara på svenska)
  6. Barnen, 2007/v10-11 (bara på svenska)
  7. Karin, tjejen
    Digest about Karin, from Christmas/2005 to October/2006.(bara på svenska)
  8. Karins tillväxt (Karin's growth)(2005)
    Karin fyllde redan 6-månad och växer upp...(bara på svenska)
  9. Karin Ingrid Arvelius(2004)
    Våran dotter, Karin Ingrid Arvelius, är född i den 2:e juli i Mora BB. (bara på svenska)
  10. Våran vigsel(2004)
    We got married on 20 April, 2004 at Tornehamns chrch which is located about 12km west from Abisko. There is a short report on wedding ceremony by using pictures taken by Tomas Mikusi. Here I really appreciate Tomas to take good pictures for us. (på svenska/in English)




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