Dalarna/Falun, Harmsarvet

Time: 2010-07-06

Place: Naturskolan/Harmsarvet

We visited a municipal recreation site in Falun, which is called Harmsarvet.

This site is preserved as a traditional "Dalarna"'s farm.

On the yard of neighbour estate, there are beehive and the owener is selling honey.

There are brown/grey, spotted pigs in the farm.

The style of this farm is... very natural.
It is preserved in principle as same as 100 years ago.

Sheeps do not fear human kinds!

Our children are enjoying climbing ek(=oak) trees.

A member of the staff is cutting grass in traditional way.

The staff is going to construct haystacks.

This is a horse-driven grass-cutter.

Our children would like to "touch" the gentle horse.

A traditional haystacking.

My daughter seems to like this horse.

A member of the staff is driving a grass comb(?).

Postscripts: I'm very fascinated with transhumance culture (in Swedish, fäbodskultur) in Dalarna. This farm is not such a type, but I love such a country-style life.



Transhumance/Fäboddrift by Wikipedia

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