Ice concert at Icehotel in Jukkasjaervi, 2003

Can you imagine the sound created by ice instruments? It was a quite exciting experience for us to join that time...

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Before beginning the concert, Naomi, who is my friend working at the Icehotel, showed us the inside of the Icehotel. This place was close to the entrance. The next one is a "ice fountain". Of course "liquid" water comes from... The last one is a central bar's entrance shaped by "absolute vodka".

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It is Naomi and two guys behind the ice partition are Fredrik and Johan.

The concert was planed to be held at the Ice Global Theater, but it was a hard windy day, so that the concert was placed at the another icebar. It was an openning and the ice instrument maker from U.S.A. introduced himself and told about the history how he create his instruments.

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Two cellos, one contrabass, many flutes (but for only one player), one xylophone, and spheric drums. It seemed to be very difficult to tune cello because the room for the concert was very crowded and the room temperature rose than expected. And flute's hole became bigger as it is blown, so that flute cannot be used so long.

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This is the Ice Global Theater. After the concert we could go in and look at the theater and the stage was illuminated with ice-cool blue. It was really windy and I realised that I would not like to sit at the theater to listen the music. But otherwise it will be also nice to sit here and see Hamlet.

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