Skating on the Sautusjärvi

We went to the Sautusjärvi (Sautus lake) to skate. It is difficult to find places for skating (for me) in Kiruna, because before people find purely a frozen lake, lakes are covered with snow!, at least 20 cm depth snow on lakes. We, with Herbert who is our colleague, tried to find the place for skating and we did it!

Sautusjärvi lies in the north of Jukkasjärvi (Jukkas lake). It is about 6-7 km long in the east-west line and 5-6 km long in the north-south line.

We started skating from almost west end of the lake and reached at east end of the lake after one and an half hours later. Along a shore we took a lunch break.

Along the lake shore you can see many summer houses and one of them has many nesting boxes, at least 11! It was the winter time starting, so that the sun sets much earlier, with one hour or more, than yesterday. You see the sun-set light in the pictures.

We skated among reed. We found many animal footprints, for example hare and fox on the frozen lake.

We found a shining cloud over Kiruna.

It was a fun day and the first using of my new skating edges was successful for me.

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