Summer in Borlaenge, 2002

Old Garden
From left, Anders (Johan's papa), Göran (Johan's uncle) and Britt

Photographers 1 Photographers 2
Johan tried to take pictures of birds, Anders took Johan's picture and I took their picture.

Städa 1 Städa 2
The first day at summer lodge in Kivnäbben.

Johan helped his father to build a log cabin.

Stuga 1
Johan's parents lodge.

Stuga 2
Johan's lodge.

Log cabin
It'll be a log cabin for firewood.

Kivnäbben locates near the border of lake Runn.

tak 1 tak 2
Johan's papa is planning to complite the roof of the log cabin. Johan brings lumbers by boat.

bada 1 bada 2 bada 3
After working, Johan bathes in the lake...Wow!!! snygg kille!

We have a barbeque beside the lake.


vila 1
Johan lays himself on the kitchensofa.

vila 2
Johan's mama trys to take picture of Johan who is laying himself on the sofa.


We've spent several days at Tyngsjö, located nere the border of Värmland. There is a small lodge of Johan and his cousins. The weather was not good, so we've painted a little bit to spend time.

målning 1 målning 2
I'm painting the windows.

målning 3 målning 4 målning 5 målning 6
Johan removes old paint and cleans windows up.

vy 1 vy 2 vy 3
Painted windows and the view from the porch.

I found an insectivorous plant in Tyngsjö. I never found such a wild plant in Japan...

Musik vid Siljan (Mora)

We've been in Mora to listen to a jazz concert. Under the way toward Mora, we took a break at a nature reserved/native district region.

Mora 1
Anders, Sonja (Johan's mama) and Johan in the nature reserved region.

Mora 2
The old cafeteria.

Mora 3 Mora 4
Picnic lunch at the native district garden.

Mora 5
In front of the "Vasa Loppet" momument.

Mora 6
Three "Kyrkbåt"s (Church baots) at the harbour.

Musik vid Siljan (Bingsjö Stämman)

We've been Bingsjö Stämman, one of the most nationwide known music assemblys in Sweden. Bingsjö itself is a very small village but most people feel comfortable when they are in this village. This assembly is a really big event for both folkmusic musicians and dancers.

Satoko Kozuki, who've visited us from Stockholm, is playing her "nyckelhalpa".

Bing 1 Bing 2 Bing 3
Many many many musicians!!!

Ensemble by musicians.

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