Summer in 2003

We've had a special summer this year. We started our summer holiday at Borlänge as usual at the summer solstice and continuously the whole week. Then we've been in Sapporo in two week for me taking part in a conference and for Johan having holidays. When we've been both in Borlänge and in Sapporo, it was almost cool summer, but when we came back to Kiruna it was extremely hot (for us). Anyway I report my early summer holiday here.


In one evening in Kivnäbben where Johan's parents' summer house lies, we were sitting outside to have a supper.

Next day we had a lunch together with Johan's parents.

It was a comfortable night to row a boat.

Sapporo in Hokkaido, JAPAN

This was a really first time experience for both Johan and me to eat "sushi" of going-around system.

This is a Johan's collection about "strange" japanese signs. Both are warnings of falling-down trees and falling-down stones.

My friends Tatsu and Rei, a couple living in Sapporo, brought us to Niseko area to let us feel a Hokkaido nature.

We had a short break beside "Shin-sen numa", super nature(?) marsh. Even if many day visiters there, the marsh itself and the nature surrounding it were very beautiful.

We tented at a site called "Yumoto" where many families came there with their large equipped tent system. It was we who had a small but normal tent seen there. I've not experienced a lot campings previously in Japan, but nowadays camping style in Japan is totally different from what has been seen in Sweden.

We did trekking from "Yumoto" to "Shin-sen numa" resthouse, including a topp tour to "Chisenupri". Johan had been sick so that we did a short walking with almost 8 km. Yumoto is a hot spring bathing place and it smelt sulfer strongly. The path was a kind of tough one so that our water (2 litter) finished earlier before we ended our walking.

One day we went to the "Nakano-shima" park in Sapporo. There were an old guest house, a concert hall, a pond, a small public observatory, a rose garden and so on for spending time. It was a windy day but became a nice promenade.

We together with my mother and brother wend to Otaru city, about 40 km distance northward from Sapporo, for one-day-trip. We visited a villa and the owner of villa became rich due to herring fishing after the second world war.

This is a typical decoration on the roof of japanese house and the figure is a kind of old gods who brings luck and money to people.

The last day in Hokkaido, we went to "Shikotsu" lake area and Johan and I did bird watching.

Ice Artcenter in Jukkasjärvi

Even if in summer season, people can visit the ice artcenter of the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. You can experience the world of -5 degrees!

The ice center guide, Naomi, gave a good guide to us. My father was very glad with her guide.

It was a very hot day in Kiruna, so that it was a timing to have coolness.

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