Tromsö with nationalday celebration

IRF's 'PVK personalresande i Tromsö, Norge' was held on 16-18/05 when we've met Norwegian nationalday celebration.

Total 45 persons from IRF were going to Tromsö in Norway which is the northmost big city having an university in Norway and whose location is over 70 degree in latitude, much northern than Kiruna. We've taken a trip bus driving more than 5 hours from Kiruna. I've been carsick (åksjuk) almost whole the way...

On the way to the center of Tromsö, we visited EISCAT (European Incoherent SCATter) scientific association's radar department in Tromsö. They have two radar antennas: dish-type for UHF and 'skyffel (shovel)'-type for VHF. The fifth picture shows the beam leading pipes to the shovel-type antenna. The sexth picture was taken from the heating facility field. The seventh shows you the main building.

It was on 17/05. Before we've been in the center of Tromsö, we took cable car up to one mountain from where people can have a look at whole view of Tromsö. Only one norwegian flag is seen in this picture, but actually you could find flags everywhere you were because it was Norwegian national day. And people, both men and women, have worn traditional suit/dress. In special woman's dress was very beautiful and I was reminded of traditional 'folkdräkter' put on, for example, on the midsummer day in Dalarna.

The view of main island of Troms region. Tromsö is a name of island. The weather has been perfect for us so that it was very comfortable excursion for me.

In the center of Tromsö. It was very crowded there with many people including visiters/turists. At the square brass bands played music, city politicians(?) had talks, dance club member demonstrated folkdance and so on. As to folkdance, dance dresses seemed quit similar to Swedish folkdance dresses, and these dresses were different from Nowegian best clothes for that day.

Repeat, it was very nice day so we decided to go up to a hill which had a lawn to take a nap under the sunshine.

One of Tromsö's sightseeing spot is perhaps missionary Catholic church on the hill viewing the city island. The form of this church is very modern and remind people the 'waving' Opera House in Sidney.

We've visited our ex-colleague at the polar research institute on Sunday. She has said that she had planned to move 'southward' from Kiruna, but now she seemed to be satisfied with her new working place, researches and living in Tromsö.

After visiting the institute, we've moved to the neighbor building, the museum called 'Polaria'. This museum demonstrates a film of Svalbard's nature, materials showing polar region's animals/birds/florae/geology, and has an aquarium.

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