Jul(=Christmas) i Kiruna

Here I'd like to show the small collection of "Jul i Kiruna".

Advent Ljus(=Advent Candle)
It seems that the Advent candle, both traditional and modernized electric, is set beside windows, for illuminating both inside and outside the room during the polar night season. The picture shows my room's decoration.

Peppar Kakor(=Pepper Cookie)
The candles behind the bubble-shape lamp are traditional "Advent Ljus", with 4 candle stands. The front cookies are "pepper cookie"(brown) and "oats cookie"(yellow), those which are also traditions in the Christmas season in Sweden.

Julgran(=Christmas fir)
This is the real fir tree decorated with lights, standing in the center of Kiruna City. You can find many such firs in the city.

This is a typical picture taken under the polar night. I took this before 15:00. And this was Sunday when all shops in the city's center are closed and therefore it was so quiet on the street.

It's difficult to tell but you can easily see what time it was. And the small house by "julgran" is for "tomte(=Santa Claus)". But the "tomte" means actually in Scandinavian countries the "brownie".

Kiruna's famous iron mine, Luossa-Kirunavaara AB (LKAB), sets a big Christmas light tree on the top of the mine every Christmas.

Julgran 2
Julgran 2
As aforementioned "julgran", you can see Christmas firs everywhere in Kiruna's center. This fir is planted in the apartment's garden.

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