May Ski-tour

It was worse than usual condition, but we still have a chance to ski in the mountains in Kiruna! We, Johan, Johan's cousin Karin and I went Abisko to do "Mountain-tops skiing". The route what we've taken is shown in the map below.
Route Map


no snow in Abisko
As you can see in the picture, there was no snow on the eastside slope of the mountain in Abisko. And on the Torne lake, ice flakes are floating already.

Abisko Abisko 2
I took a little bit expanded picture of the previous one on the background. Around the mouth of the Abisko river, you can see only fresh water. By the way we couldn't catch up with the ski-lift going up to the mountain's top, so we carried our large packings by ourselve.

It was so changeable weather, but mostly hard-blowing near the top. And the slope was steep and ice-hard...

Tent 2nd Day
It was at almost 22:00 when we found the first day's tent place where locates in the wide valley following down toward Bjoerklieden. We've expected to be near the river but it was still under the snow.

The second day was very sunny and felt fine to go up because the snow was nice. But for going up the hill, we needed to put the climb-skin under the skiies. (photo by Johan)

Karin and Johan checked the climb skins again. You can see the Torne lake over Karin's right shoulder.

Toptur 1
We reached the top of a mountain, with around 1300m height.

We've climbed the another top which is higher than the previous one, around 1450m(?), then skied down the hill from the top! Can you recognize Johan in this picture?

Tent 3rd Day
We've tented at about 1300m height, so it was hard blowing almost whole the night. At the next day it became thick cloudy and foggy weather but very warm. The snow became wet due to the night raining.

Under the way toward Laaktajaakka, it was thick fog, so that we've done small forward steps by every a couple of hundred meters with using compass. But when we reached the passing very close to Laaktajaakka, the sun shone again and we took a very comfortable breaktime.


When we skied down the hill from Laaktajaakka, we witnessed some skiers coming from the top of the Mountain Laakta passing through narrow valleys where it seems avalanches have been happened previously! But they seemed to be very very comfortable actually. Johan felt that he would like to do the same thing. Before the next year's top ski-touring, I've decided to train telemark skiing very much. I hope that Karin will come to Kiruna and join us to go skiing again next year!!!

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