Nice in France, 2002

Jag ska visa liten gran bilder om Nice i Frankrike, som jag har varit där under EGS (European Geophysical Society) konferensen.
I'll show you about Nice in France, where I've been during the EGS spring assembly.

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In the center of town in Nice, there is a hill from where people can look at whole view of Nice including the Mediterranean sea. Here the beginning of the slope up to the hill.

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From the hill, still in the middle, people can already have a view of Nice. The red rooves on the houses were impressive.

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From the top of hill, you can see the coastline of Nice.

10 11
From the hill, people can also look at the harbour over cactus.

The large street along the beach.

This was a wistaria trellis, or it's much better to say a wistaria arch. You can find it in the park, center of the town.

The typical square in Nice. You can sit on open cafe place and read a book... maybe.

The street along te beach.

I suppose that it is an Opera house...

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There were so many hotels including several whose customers are coming from Scandinavian countries, but at any moments it seemed to be so calm...

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At the park.

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