Nobel Receptions & Prize Award Ceremony

The reception by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences were given on Saturday, 7/12. This reception was held in honour of Nobel Laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Economy.
Another reception by the ambassador of Japan was held on Monday, 9/12. At this reception I fortunately met my ex-supervisor, Prof. Yoji Totsuka, the former group leader of Kamiokande / Super Kamiokande.
At the Nobel's day, 10/12, I was in the concert hall in Stockholm to experience the great moment, the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony.

Reception 1

My supervisor Prof. Sandahl (hereafter I call her Ingrid as usual as I do) was with Prof. Koshiba, one of the Nobel Laureates in 2002.

deltander1 deltander2 fysikavdelning
The attendances at the reception. They were all Ingrid's acquaintances.
And the atmosphere of physics session. It was so crowded.

kemiavdelning deltander3 Tanakas slaekting
Ingrid stood in front of the chemistry session's posters. My impression was much japanese people here than in the physics session...
Ingrid met and talked with her another acquaintance in the chemistry session.
The posters in the chemistry session.

Tanakas slaekting
They are Mr. Tanaka's elder brother's family. The niece of him seemed to be so tired after a loooong trip from Japan.

HerrTanaka1 HerrTanaka2
According to Mr. Tanaka's brother talking, Mr. Tanaka evacuated already to evade from massmedia and interviews, but when I stood in front of the posters, Mr. Tanaka appeared surprisingly and wrote his signature down on the poster.

lektion1 lektion2 lektion3
This room would be opened for the lectures on the next day (Sunday), but I was not there because I had another night event at the same day just after this reception...

Reception 2

I met Prof. Totsuka at the reception by the ambassardor of Japan.

The couple on the left side was Prof. Koshiba's relatives and the woman on the right side was Prof. Totsuka's wife.

The ceremony

Just before of the opening of the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. My seat was in the right wing balcony where man can look at all Laureates beneath. The Royal Family members were sitting just below our balcony. We were waiting Nobel Prize Laureates come in.

myself1 myself2
I was there!

laureates1 laureates2
Prof. Koshiba was sitting the second seat from the left and Mr. Tanaka was sitting the fifth seat also from the left. The order of seats for Laureates was physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine, literature, and economy.

laureates3 laureates4
These were the moments that the Laureates were going to step forward to get their prizes.

orchestra1 orchestra2
The musiks that were played at intervals were also nice. At this time two famous Swedish trumpet players were invited players.

All Nobel Prize Laureates have recieved their prizes.

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