Norra Gotland

Fårösund/Fårö (24-25/6) -> Fårö/Bunge (25-26/6) -> Ire Gården/Irevik (26-28/6) -> Visby (28-29/6) -> Nynäshamn (29/6)

Fårösund (24/6, 2010)

We left the boat from Gotska Sandön, and received two bikes and cycling equipment to change to cycling trip mode.

We would take a ferry towards Fårö. It is conveyed every 30 minutes.

Johan is ready to the cycling trip! (on the ferry)

Fårö (24-25/6, 2010)

Soon we found the sign of naturreservat (nature reserve). The area is called Verkegards and there are many pinetrees of 200-300 years old.

Gotland is very famous for its wild orchids, too. The orchid on the picture is called Johannesnyckel (in English Military Orchid and in Latin Orchis militaris).

We took an evening cycling to our acquaintance who is staying at Lauter during a summer holiday with his family. On the way back to our youth hostel, we dropped in an old harbour to look at Rauks (in Swedish, rauk/raukar) in the sunset.
A rauk is a stone column created by natural erosion.

fishermans' huts and wild flowers.

usual scene in Fårö, windmill (in Swedish, väderkvarn).

Langhammars is famous for its large rauk. Besides the fact, how the shorelines have evolved for a long time (=in geological time scale) is also very interesting.

Johan got a flat tire on his bike on the way to Sudersand. We found the place with very odd thing for repair. This thing is a copy of hourse-driven snowplow.

At Sudersand, there is a locally famous patisserie, called 1 Sylvi's döttrar hembageri (Sylvi's daughters' homemade bakery in English). Although midsommar afton (mid summer eve) the day, there were many customers to buy bread and sweets (cakes and pies). We, of course, took a break here and had coffee.

It should not be missed, 2 Kutens Bensin. There is a crepe cafe, too.

In 3 Dämbo area, it was nice for cycling.

Bunge, Irevik, and the suburbs of Visby (26-28/6, 2010)

It's very pity that I have no picture of STP vandrarhem Bunge/Fårösund where we stayed on midsommar afton. The hosts/hostesses are very pleasant people and we enjoyed fully the stay even tough one-day stay. They invited the guests at the day to their evening-grill "midsommar" celebration outside the restaurant.

We have taken a bike belong the shorelines of the northern Gotland, from Bunge through 4. Hau, 5. around and the western part of Bästeträsk, 6. Bläse, 7. Kappelshamn, 8. the eastern part of Hall-Hangvar and Hall, then reached to Irevik. At Irevik, we stayed two nights at Ire Gården and did day-trip around this area.

At 4 Hau, we took a short break beside a memorial landmark. It was a grave used generation to generation since Bronze-age up to 1000s(?).

6 Bläse and a museum on limestone factory. We took fika there and I ate gotlänsk pannkaka.

At the lunch time, we set on a beach around Kappelshamn looking over Bläse.

Now it begins klint which means steepened by abrasion and here is the part of 8 Hall-Hangvar Nature Reserve.

Church in Hall. Soon we reached Irevik/Ire Gården.

Irevik / Hall-Hangvar Nature Reserve

We did not go through the entire nature reserve (naturreservat), Hall-Hangvar, but experienced the parts.

We passed the north-eastern part of this nature reserve, which may be called A Hallshuk, shown in the picture above.

From Irevik to Sigsarvestrand, which is located at the edge of C (Irevik), we found a strage tree (birch) with a parasite.

From the top of klint which means steepened by abrasion.

There were ancient castls (fornborg) in this area.

We did an evening walk to the other (wing) side of the bay.

Middle Ages - Visby and the suburbs of Visby

The second day of the stay at Irevik/Ire Gården, we visited 9 Stenkyrka. The church(=kyrka) in this village is made of stone(=sten), and was built in 1200s and was the first church made of stone.

We found a small sign of 10 Hästnäs, which is a remnant since the middle ages. This is really an impressive building.

The last day in Gotland, we walked around inside the Visbys ringmur. I was there previously, so the only thing what I was impressed by was S:t Hans och S:t Pers kyrkan.

The realm of orchids


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