Tarfala in 2003


In Sitasjaure area, there is a large dam. It was almost middle of August, so that people can pick up cloudberry (hjortron) here and there. There was only 3 guests (including us) at Sitasjaure at that night and it was so quiet. The next day it was a little bit windy and chilly.

Between Sitasjaure and Hukejaure the geographical features are very gentle and hills are not high. And you can find many Same's reindeer summer places. The bridge in the picture lay on the river running through one of reindeer gethering places.

There is a small creek in this area.

From Hukejaure we went along the Nordkalottleden toward Sälka. The mountain forward us in the cloud is Sälka. The weather toward Sälka looked like unpleasant.

The valley is called Cuhcavaggi (chuccha-vagge for pronounce) and long over there you can see Rabot glacier under the cloud.

At that time Johan have had a pain in his knee, so we've changed our first plan (Sälka->Guobirvaggi(kouper-vagge)->Tarfala) into the second plan (Singi->Kebnekaise mountainstation->Tarfala).


We've had friends visiting in Tarfala at the first weekend. And it had been very nice days during their stay. We chatted, sun-bathed, drank coffee and so on. (left: Boine, Petra, and Micce (up) from the right, right: Pontus, Johan (up), and Runar from the left)

Those are group pictures!

A nice day. Tarfalajarvi (lake), Kebnepaktigalcier, and Kaskaspakti.

One day we did a daytime hiking to Svartsjön (actually it was not black, but non-glacier color, pure blue on the lake). These pictures were taken under the way there and the lake is Tarfalajarvi.

Snow and glacier. You can see the difference.

This is the tombstone of alpenrescue helicopter's crash-accident a couple of years ago. The mountain is called Drakryggen (Dragon's spine).

From the other side of Tarfala lake, seeing the mountain huts. The host cabin is the right.

The second week in Tarfala, it had snowed. Kekkonen-toppen (behind the hut) became white and only above the cloud it began to white.

After snowing, Kaskaspakti and Isfallsglaciär (Ice-falling glacier).

Lillie-toppen (between Kaskastjåkka (2076m, 4th highest top in Sweden) and Kaskaspakti) with snow.

Fog and snow, so that Johan stayed in bed longer than usual.

Snow but a little bit better, so that Johan worked as usual.

This is my best shot among pictures of Tarfala! It was still August.

That day we did another hiking to a waterfall. But the snow disappeared during the morning.

There are small lakes near Isfallsglaciär. Those were Johan's favorite place to take photos.

From the left, Kaskaspakti, Lillie-toppen, and Kaskastjåkka (but real top is behind).

We did Tarfalatjåkka toptour with Hans and Herbert. They are colleagues to us. It was the 3rd weekend in Tarfala.

During the 2nd and 3rd week, the average temperature was under +5 C degree, so that above the height of 1500m we've still had snow covering the earth.

The view from the top of Tarfalatjåkka.

On the top of Tarfalapakti.

We had had a large family of Ptarmigan (Ripa), one mother and 7 children (?)

Another group picture with Herbert, Hans, Johan&I, Robert, and Fredrik from the left.

The fall came back to Tarfala.

Johan helped a cabinguest to fish in the lake. We saw many fish silhouettes in the lake. But nobody could not succeed in fishing.

Full moon and the Mars.

In the last week in Tarfala, we did a long daytime hiking to Vardu. We crossed over Tarfalatjårro's pass and saw Tarfalalake and Kebnekaise sydtoppen (South-top, the right small white bit behind the middle top) and nordtoppen (North-top, the middle top).
We took a break beside a small lake nearest to Vardu. We could see Räitaglacier long over there (left picture) and Kaskastjåkka.

Vardu lies along Kaskasvagge and eastward from the top people can see a beatiful views of Kaskasvaggi westward and through the Kaskas canyon toward Vistasvaggi eastward.

Vistas valley turned into fall color already.

It was one of the most beatiful days for me.

After we closed and looked the whole cabins, we went down to Nikkaluokta to take a bus toward Kiruna. Under the way to Nikkaluokta, it was totally fall color (birch yellow).

Tarfala isfallsglaciär

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