Spring in Abisko

Johan's parents have visited us during the last weekend (11-16/04) and we've stayed at STF Abisko Turistation. When we arrived at Abisko on Saturday, it was snowing continuously but not so cold. The next day we've had a sunshine, blue-aky weather, but still not so cold. And it was a perfect condition for daytrip with classic cross-country skiing.

On Saturday, it was snowing, with spring wet snow.

in the train 1 in the train 2
Johan's parents, Anders Arvelius and Sonja Arvelius (left) and Johan and I (right) (Larger ones 1 2). Sonja mamma och Johan Anders pappa
We are relaxing in our room with wine (Larger ones 1 2).

On Sunday, we've had a very fine weather, sunshine and blue-sky. Sonja mamma
Anders pappa och Johan
Anders papa and Johan prepare putting wax on the skies.

We're on the "Kungsleden", at the crossing of the main and the trail toward Kaarsavagge.

korsning 2
The sign at the crossing is such like in the picture. Red crosses mean the winter trail for both skiing and snowmobiles.

We've met a dog-sledge turing party on the way (photo by Johan).

We had a break time near the frozen Abisko river.

(photo by Johan)

fika 2
Along the Abisko river, you can catch the sight of beautiful canyons. During the ski season, you can enjoy the scenery of canyons looking up from "on the frozen river". Now we have a break time again.

fika 2-2
(photo by Sonja mama)

fika 2-3

fika 2-4
Look, Johan's fleece cap! It's cute, isn't it? Sonja mama has made it.

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