Short Weekend Skiing

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We are taking a rest, and I'm holding a piece of chocklate in my mouth.

I think Johan is a kind of genius, because he can always find very bushy place to make a trail...

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Here we reached an old mine ruin where a crow (or a pair?) is nesting a cliff.

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It was fine and sunny day, a little bit blowing, so that we saw several groups or families to have a picnic on the frozen lake and drive their snow mobils.

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My skis are a ordinary pair of tour skis, and look at Johans! His are wood skis with length of 3 meters!!! (Photo by Fredrik)

Johan found a tree to ride on...

It was on Sunday and we were in Kaalasluspa to watch birds...

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We found a "strömstare" which dives to fish on the opposite shore. So Johan lay on his belly on his skis to get close to it.

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