Easter Ski-Trekking

As I mentioned in the head page, we've made 4-day skituring (3 nights tentings) "on" the Lake Torne, one of the biggest lakes in the Norrland.

Caution! This page still needs some cares for pictures because some pictures are dark.

First Day (29 Mar.)
We got off the train at Abisko Oestra station and these are what we're taking whole the turing.

The turing started with "waxing" on the skis, because the snow on the lake became soft-icy due to the warmness in the pervious days.

We took a "pulka(little sledge)" for packing, foods and tenting materials. Johan would pull this packing sledge whole the way, but this day it became snow-blowing weather under the way and I had troubles on my foot and skis, so he should take care of both me and sledge!

I took this picture while we had a break.

Behind us we could look at the whole view of Noujlla/Abisko.

Second Day (30 Mar.)
This is our first day's tent place, like a south-facing terrace.

Anyway Johan seems to be very active!

The weather became much better than the previous day, but...

Soon we met the snow-blowing. This shot was taken several tens minutes before the weather changing.

The opposite side of the lake, around Bjoerkliden area, nothing could be seen.

motjep01 motjep02
We've been skiing toward Jieprenjokk where we've thought as the next tent place.

rast01 johan02 rast02
We've sometimes taken coffebreaks on the way.

Along the shore we found many small waterfalls.

At the tent place on the second day. We found the nice place on a small island about 2km distance from Jieprenjokk, facing to the nortside mountain of the lake.

Third Day (31 Mar.)
This day we decided to leave the lakeside and go up to the mountain.

In the morning, at the tent place.

Most of the way toward the mountain tends to go up, so we prepared the "stighudar(climbing skin)" under the skis and so on.

It was soooo nice weather, blue sky and sunshine, and in the forest we met many ptarmigan(ripor), hawk owls(hoekugglor) and wolverine(jaerv)s footmarks.

Kaisepakte Utsikt Lapporten
From the hills we could look at the mountain panorama, Kaisepakte, Lapporten and mountains standing around the lake (larger 1 2 3).

We've reached to the lappish cot(kaata) on the hill and inside the cot we had a lunch.

Before searching the tent place, we went up to a hill.


We found the tent place in an open valley, having a good view toward south direction. And that night we could watch a wonderful aurora over us, at around 2030 to 2230 Local Time.

Last Day (01 Apr.)
We did another "toptur" again at the highest top on the long peninsula in the lake.


Last two days were almost perfect weather for skituring, I think. I've experienced the forest skiings for the first time. Skituring on the lake is definitely the first experience for me in my life. We'll plan as the next Easter holiday to go to the mountain around the Lake Torne area again.

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