Short Ski-Trekking (Season Start)

It'll soon become the Easter and we're planning to do a long ski-trekking tour (about 50 km) with 3-4 days tenting. So for trainning and getting used to my new skiset, we made a short ski-trekking during the last weekend. The route is shown in the map below.

abisko map
Original picture by Naturvårdsverket

It was a clear weather and a blue sky...I'm wainting Johan near at the gate of "Kungsleden".

Ost o smoer
Johan went and bought cheese and butter at the STF Abisko Turiststation.

Johan on the river
First part of our route was ON the frozen river.This picture was taken just after waxing the ski.

layer of water
Sometimes under the ski-trail, we found such kind of scenes, water streaming under several layers of ice.

On the way toward the Kaarsavagge mountain cabin, we've met only two women who seemed to be guests in the STF Abisko Turiststation and to have a day-trip.

gammal tall
We found a old, twisted pine tree. And just before this we looked at a hawk owl on the top of another pine tree.

Sachiko Johan
I and Johan are sitting this tree. (Larger ones 1 2)


It was the season opening day at Kaarsavagge's mountain cabin. And the cabin was almost full with guests, but it was so nice to spend time with them. Next day we've had companions, one couple those who are living in Kiruna also, almost whole the way to Bjoerkliden via Laaktatjaakka. It was so pity that I could not get any pictures at this part...Anyhow to do mountain skiing/ski-trekking in the mountains is soooooo fun for me! I'm looking forward to the Easter.
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