This is our first rast time, at south-facing slant close to Vakkotavaara.

In Teusajare lodge. We've gotten an "own" lodge for us! We've lived there three nights and felt definitely comfortable.

First day of "offpist" telemark skiing. It was very tough to go up north-east slant of Gappetjåhkkå (tjåhkkå=mountain top in Lulesame dialect). I was already exhausted...

We were sitting and rasting down the wind of "rensvaktastuga (=reindeer herd cabin)" to avoid blowing.

Can you find the Teusajaure lodges in the first picture? They are at somewhere opposite side of the frozen lake. The mountain in the background in the second picture is called Guolbbantjåhkkå.

We were preparing (putting climbing skins on skis) for the second day's skiing.

We were going up Urttitjohkka (tjohkka=mountain top in Northern-same dialect). The background mountain is called Slädotjåhkkå, opposite side of the lake.

Karin and Johan were digging and making snow bench.

We were on the top of Urttitjohkka! Sunshine and no-blowing! Perfect!!!

"Offpist" telemark skiing by Johan
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"Offpist" skiing by Karin
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Karin liked to lie down on the snow!?

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