Easter Skitour in 2003

At this skitour, we started at Riksgränsen, went up to the north toward the border of Norway, then we decided to stay at "Stordalsstua (Large(=stor) vallery(=dal) cabin(=stua))" at the first night. Next day we went up to Stoaktjevarri (varri=mountain), continued to go through between Beaivvetjohkka (tjohkka=mountain-top) and Jokkevuolli (vuolle-/ vuolit=lowest, bottom), and finally found the tent place at the platear of Jokkevuolli for the end of that day. Third day we reached Vadvejohka (johka=creek, small river) and wend down to forest area, inside of "Vadvetjåkka nationalpark", to find the tent place. Fourth day we started to direct to "Lappjordhytta (cabin(=hytta))", which is also a Norweigen cabin. Last day we went to the south along the Torne lake strand toward Björkliden.
Words with Italic font are perhaps originated from Same's language.

We arose early in that morning and took a train to Narvik. We got off the train at Riksgränsen. It began to rain when we arrived at Riksgränsen but soon it became clear.

This was our first "fika" (or lunch timely). Göran made a snow bench to sit. Gön and Johan drew pack-sleighs ("pulka" in Swedish), on which we've packed tent, sleepingbags, food and so on.
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It was very close to the border of Norway. After 30 minutes more or less, we reached to Stordalstua.

There were two cabins here. One was already occupied by a Norwegian family, who went up here with cross-country skis without climbing skins! We got of course a comfortable cabin.

It took a couple of hours to come up here, because it was so hard to go up west-face steep slopes of Stoaktjevarri.

We went to the east to find place for tent.
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This was our snow-build kitchen!

We were on a plateau facing to Vadvetjåkka (1109m) (background) . We have passed the north side of Jokkevoulli earlier this day, then from the plateau we went down toward and along Vadvejohka
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This picture shows you there was(were?) (an) avalanche(s) previously. We found several areas like this at south slants of Vadvetjåkka.
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Our third day's tent place along Njuoraeatnu (eatnu=river). It looked so beautiful scenary, didn't it?

In the small cabin of Lappjordhytta. That day, fourth day of our tour, it was so warm that the snow was very wet that meant next day, much colder than the previous day, snow became "ice".

Our easter skitour has finished...

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