We decided to have a skitour at Vassitjohkka just one day before the Mayday. We've known that Riksgränsen area had good condition of and much snow. Vassitjohkka is a popular mountain for offpist skiers, like Johan. Nowaday there are many snowmobils coming up, but eventhough, many telemark skiers, mountain-ski skiers and slalom skiers coming up by helicopters enjoy skiing at Vassitjohkka.

First of all, we should put climbing skins on skis, because of almost all the way up to Vassitjohkka. The mountain behind Johan is Vassitjohkka. At Vassijaure (tjohkka=mountain, jaure=lake, both in Same) station, Luleåtekniska universitetet's facilities lie.

We've put sunshine protection cream on our faces, you see, because of blue sky, sunshine, and reflecting by snow.

You can know how high and how steep we're on at that time.

After "climbing" very steep slant, we found a fine place to have a lunch.

At the first top (1361m). The background mountain is Vuoiddasriida.

At the same place. The mountain on the right is ski-lifted Riksgränsen.

Our usual pause at mountain top!

At our first tent place. Johan built snow wall against wind in front of the tent and he is now sitting at snow kitchen which I've built.

We're on the way to the second top, crossing over the lake. The clipping was so beutiful, I thought.

It was Johan's time, taking pictures. The mounrains are Vuoiddasriida and Gorsatjohkka. And the valley is Kårsavagge.

The whole views of Vuoiddasriida and Gorsatjohkka.

Johan's skiing

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