Family Trekking in Akka/Lappland

Time: 2010-07-28 - 2010-08-01

Place: Stora Sjöfallets National Park / Padjelanta National Park / Akka


We planned to say hello to Johan's father (children's grandfather) in Kutjaure where he is the host of a STF moutain hut this year (see the map below).
There were two possible routes to approach to Kutjaure: from Vaisaluokta via a valley, which is constantly more than 500m above sea level; from Änojalme/Akka via a forest area, northern part of Akka mountains (see the map below).
We took the latter route and eventually realised that it was a mistake. We should take the former route to avoid the mosquito problem.
...Anyway, it was the first serious trekking and camping for children (6-year and 3-year).

Visa större karta
marking for Kutjaure, but not the location of STF moutain hut

Kiruna - Gällivare, 1st Day

My rucksack is bigger than my son as seen.

On the way to Gällivare, my daught dropped her "6th" milk tooth (and 4th within the week!).

(Gällivare - Ritsem) - Akka, 1st Day

It was a nice evening (around 7 p.m.) to take a boat from Ritsem to Akka. We changed the plan that we would walk through the forest of northern Akka Mountains instead of taking the route between Vaisaluokta and Kutjaure.

2nd Day

My husband obtained a new tent for a family (4-person capacity), and he really satisfied the new tent.

Besides the brook, we took a breakfast. It's not clear by the picture, but there was terribly a crowd of mosquitos.

It's time to start walk! ai, captain!

Besides the rapids, Vuojatädno, we took a break.

We walked on a hanging bridge.

It was really a nice day and one could feel close to the Akka Mountains.

We found a beach where there is less crowd of mosquitos, and children enjoyed coooooold (around +5 deg.) water.

It could be called... a "jumping" mountain frog!?

3rd Day

In the evening/night of the 2nd day, we realised that there was a terrible crowd of mosquitos and thus the children were in a panic. We decided to return the way (and gave up to continue to go to Kutjaure).

We came back to the beach where we had taken a break the previous day, and set the tent there early in the evening (around 4 p.m.). The face of my son swelled up due to mass of mosquito's bite.

The children could not stand still...

taken by our daughter!

taken by our son!

The 4th day, we came back to Akka (STF Akka mountain hut) and took lunch inside. The children were so glad because of less mosquito! We took boat toward Ritsem and stayed at STF Ritsem mountain station. The 5th day, we were on the way back to Kiruna.


Länstrafiken Norrbotten (Linje93 Gällivare-Stora Sjöfallet-Ritsem)

Information on boat in mountains (by STF)

STF Ritsem

STF Akka

STF Kutjaure

STF Vaisaluokta

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