Kaarsavagge (Kaarsa=avalanche, Vagge=valley in Lappish)

Autumn has come in Abisko!

Johan Promenerad
Johan is walking the way to "Kaarsajaakkefallet".

Bridge on the Kaarsajaakkefallet.

Johan stands by the river and the bridge behind him.

I on the bridge
I am on the bridge and...feel cool!

Our shot!
We take a rest beside the river.

It's a "mountain lemming", and he/she...screams!!!

It's "lingon", cranberry. Soon we can pick them up and make jam!

Colored yellow
Mountains are coloured by red and yellow. The tree turned yellow is birch.

Anders Papa
At the cottage, Johan's papa, Anders Arvelius is relaxing after breakfast.

Three shot
From the right, Anders papa, Johan and I with morning coffee.

Kaarsavagge, westward 1
Anyway the valley is so beutiful with mountains, lakes, river and coloured moutain-birch.

Kaarsavagge, westward 2
From much higher place...

Kaarsavagge, southeastward
Whole view of cottages. They are mainly constituted of 'guest cottage' and 'host cottage' and set just beside the lake and river.

Short Trip 1
Now we're under the way to the top...

Short Trip 2
...Still under the way...

Short Trip 3
We need a rest a little bit, anyway.

Short Trip 4
From the top, looking down toward the cotteges.

Short Trip 5
Under the way going back, a small but beutiful waterfall exists.

Look toward the Torne Lake and the Abisko Turistation from the moutain trail...So beutiful, isn't it?

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