Vadvetjaakka National Park's whole map is shown as below(*).

(*) Copy right: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Dag 1:a

Emma and Micce, who is our colleague and Ph.D student.

Hans och Johan
From right, Hans, who is one scientist at IRF, and Johan.

Arraival at Låktatjåkka
We arrived at Laaktatjaakka railway station.

Emma Micce and Hans Johan
We found a hawk-owl!

From Låktatjåkka
It was cloudy, little bit chilly and rainy weather. But, anyway, we started to walk with pep!

We took lunch beside a small stream.

Thick clouds lie over mountains.

We somtimes took rests under the trail.

This cottage is standing on the conjunction of trails, beside a little lake and surrounded by many marks of cupper mine.

Mine 1 Mine 2 Mine 3
This cupper mine, had been called "Kuokkel", was existing only during 1898 - 1904. digged place/the biggest shaft/Emma is standing at the barracks' mark.

Remains are standing here and there like this.

...After we took the small trail toward the Torne Lake, we've missed the trail and marking both...

Dag 2:a
It began with rainning on Sunday. But couple of hours later, blue sky appeared gradually and became clear and clear.

häst scen
This is one scene of the fall.

A lake reflects the blue sky...

mot stigen 1 mot stigen 2
We were still seeking the trail...

Fika 1
At last we found the trail and took a break.

Fika 2
...And it became sunny, and dazzling.

Fika 3 Fika 4
...And taking a rest a little bit longer...

Vid E10 1 Vid E10 2
These such lakes lie beside the E10, actually.

Ending 1
We were on the last part of the trail.

Ending 2
...And relaxing on the grass.


Tornehamn, from the "rails-road".

A strange structure of cloud. The left side is Abisko.

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